KellyC Image Downloader

Browser extension for batch downloading artworks and images from sites.

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About KellyC

This extension allows you to grab all images from current tab, or use record track feature - in this case all images from visited pages during record will be listed, and then you can select and download them all at once. Before download you can filter images by size, url, exclude junk images by type or select by specifed categories.

For several sites extension automatically detects previews, originals of images and put this links to specifed categories ("Original (HD)" - for original images and "Preview" - for previews) for easy filtering. Sites that supports extended filtering features (priority to Pinterest, Pixiv, Twitter, Joyreactor, Pikabu, VK) listed here

If preview can't be converted to original immediately, you can use load related links feature - it allows you to download addition images from related to previews documents. This feature is used if original image is not acutally placed on current page. (check if site is supported)

by nradiowave