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Small tutorial about how to download all images from a specifed 9gag posts list or images from your saved posts (bookmarks), or from some other available lists on your account.

If you would like to download all images from your saved 9gag publications. Here is simple method using KellyC Image Downloader extension. You can share feedback, addition instructions, may be some noties about work with 9gag, or some additions for this tutorial to extension subreddit

Using the steps in this tutorial, you can download any number of images in full size or previews only from a specific 9gag publications list (saved, some category, etc)

1. Install KellyC Image Downloader extension

2. Go to on any 9gag page that contains needed images (bookmarks saved sections, posts from category, etc) and click on extension icon

3. Press "Record" button - number of captured images will appear on bottom of page. Scroll or navigate through needed pages - all images during record will be captured, you can later filter unnecessary images before actual download

Bulk image download process using KellyC Image Downloader on 9gag site - number of captured images indicated

4. When all needed pages will be visited or all required information is scrolled - click on extension icon again an click "Stop record" -> "Download record"

Bulk image download process using KellyC Image Downloader on 9gag site - record feature enabled

5. If you need to get full size original images instead of previews then press "Load related links"

Bulk image downloader process using KellyC Image Downloader on 9gag site - load addition full size images

6. For download collected images press "Download" -> "Start download"

Video example

Video example for 9gag to capture all data from saved publications section on user page. Images from another sections, categories of site with other publications can be downloaded in the same way.

Source code of 9gag filter implementation for extension can be found here

See also other site support examples and videos

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