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Universal batch downloader tool KellyC Image Downloader. All information about compatibility is same as for and can be used in the same way for too

How to use

1. Install KellyC Image Downloader extension

2. Open any site page and enable Recorder (read about common usage example) and go through pages with needed images

3. When all needed pages will be visited or all required information is scrolled - click on extension icon again and click "Stop record" -> "Download record"

4. Use "Load related links" feature to get original images (pagination pages of kemono site contains only preview pictures of publications by default, this function will load images from child pages). You can read more about this function and speed configuration here

Video example

Common example usage video (cant show NSFW examples here, you can share some work patterns for coomer party site some where on reddit or on another place if you want to help share information about extension). Actions pattern the same - go through needed pages during "record" mode -> press "Load related doc" to get full size images \ addition images for previews. Extension language depends on browser locale. Other video examples can be found here

Source code of and filter implementation for extension can be found here

See also other site support examples and videos

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